FRANCIS DWOMOH MINISTRIES urgently needs Voluntary Workers in all spheres of Ministry work. For instance, we need Voluntary Crusade Directors to Mobilize and Organize our healing Crusades all over the world. We also need Voluntary workers who are LOCALLY based in the various Countries where our Evangelistic Crusades are Scheduled so that they can help us to Mobilize and Organize a successful Crusade.We also need Voluntary workers who will travel with us as a Ministry Team at their own expenses and return to base after the program until another program. We need Voluntary workers who have skills and those who don’t have any skill. We need Voluntary workers who have experience and those who don’t have any experience at all so that we can train them. We need Voluntary Pastors, Evangelist and Church workers.



Anyone who has the heart for the service of God and is willing to sacrifice his life,time, talent, gifts, money for the purpose of doing the work of God is qualified to become a Voluntary worker for the Kingdom of God. To become a Voluntary worker and a Team Member of our Ministry, please, fill the VOLUNTARY WORKERS FORM and submit it for evaluation and approval. If your application is accepted, you will be notified by receiving a VOLUNTARY WORKERS IDENTIFICATION NUMBER. This (ID) number is the recognition of your identity with our Ministry.