Healing Crusades are designed to reach the communities,towns,Villages 
and Cities with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ for the harvest of 
Salvation of souls to populate the Kingdom of God. The idea of 
organizing a healing Crusade is to use the gifts of healing which God 
has endowed His servant as a means of evangelism and as a tool to reach 
the lost. 


Healing Revivals are designed to revive the healing ministry in the Body 
of Christ for the benefit of using the gift of healing to heal the sick 
to edify the body of Christ. It is also designed to cleanse the Church 
of disease and sicknesses with the fire of healing revivals.



Healing Conferences are designed to raise awareness of the importance of 
the healing Ministry in the Body of Christ by showing them how Jesus 
Christ used the Healing Ministry to advance the Kingdom of God on earth. 
Also to encourage believers of Jesus Christ and Ministers alike to 
attend our healing schools,healing workshops and seminars to train and 
equip themselves for their personal edification and others as well. 


Healing Schools are designed to TRAIN in order to equip the Body of 
Christ by teaching them about the healing Ministry and also praying to 
impart the healing Anointing to the Students. The teaching and 
impartation of the healing anointing upon the students will enable them 
to learn to exercise their faith to practice what they have learned 
after completing their training. 
The second part of the School is designed to teach sick people about how 
to receive and keep their healing as permanent gift from God. The sick 
people will also be used to demonstrate the healing anointing in a 
practical way for the students to experience on hand training after the 
teaching session of the school.



Healing Workshops are designed to discuss the personal experiences of 
students of the healing school after training,impartation, practice and 
experience.The workshop is also designed to give them another chance to 
learn on hand by giving them opportunity to pray for the sick during the 
workshop session. 


Healing Rallies are designed to march through a principal street in a 
Community, Village, town, or City and praying for the sick while the 
march is in motion. The Rallies are also designed to invade the city 
with power evangelism through the use of the healing ministry to 
evangelize the city and bless the people with salvation of their souls 
and healing of their bodies. In this way,the kingdom of God is advancing 
within the city,the Name of Jesus Christ is exalted and the Body of 
Christ is blessed. 


Healing Seminars are designed as a special class of learning about all 
that you need to know about the subject of healing and the healing 
ministry in the Kingdom of God. The seminars are also designed to equip 
the Body of Christ with the theological knowledge about healing without 
necessarily going out to minister healing to the sick after the seminar. 


Mobile Healing Clinics are designed to dispatch students of healing 
schools and workshops after training and impartation to various places 
in the City to preach the gospel and practice what they have learned by 
praying for the sick to experience their personal healing anointing on 
their lives.