Financial Partnership


FRANCIS DWOMOH MINISTRIES sincerely believe in the Biblical principle of partnership. In fact, the primary way many Christians will participate in the great commission is through partnership with a valid and fruitful ministry. A vital ministry is arising in the body of Christ today. It is the ministry of giving as seen in Romans 12:8


We would invite you to prayerfully consider becoming a permanent partner with this ministry. We recruit partners from among faithful Christians we can depend on them to represent them among the nations. This ministry is built on the foundation of mutual respect and trust for one another.


Our goal is to work with our financial Partners, each praying for us and contributing financially. That will provide a financial platform from which to accomplish our mission.


We solicit your support. We pledge to dedicate our lives to bringing forth fruit among the nations. Fruit that we will share with you in eternity. We pledge to work as hard as you do. We, in our ministry; you, in your profession. We pledge to be faithful in our handling of finances.

As our partner, we will pray for you. We will keep you informed of our activities through periodic newsletters which we will send to you as our financial partner. We will count our partnership a holy thing and rejoice in the opportunity to serve the highest purposes of the kingdom of God together with you.

In Jesus,

Apostle Francis Dwomoh


Partnership with Francis Dwomoh Ministries

Thank you for considering a partnership with FRANCIS DWOMOH MINISTRIES.  Whether it is in prayer or financial contributions, you play an important role in this ministry.  Not only are you contributing to the success of this ministry, you are partaking in the blessings associated with touching God and His people.

Through generating funds, it is our desire to see the Gospel preached to the nations of the world. Your regular giving supports of our operations will enables us to expand our ministry to include Churches and communities around the world who cannot afford to pay the cost of traveling to these countries.


Fill out the FINANCIAL SUPPORT FORM and insert your weekly, monthly, yearly, regulary or any other donation you want to contribute.  A representative will contact you to discuss your payment options and to register your first contribution. Each time your contribution will be automatically processed by our staff.  Do it once and the rest is up to us.  When we process your credit card each time, you will receive an email indicating we have done so.  At anytime you wish to discontinue this partnership, let us know and we will stop processing your donations.


Identification number

As Financial Partner of this Ministry, you will be given a special identification number for identification purpose.


Benifits of Partnership

As a Financial Partner, you will benefit from this Ministry by purchasing the Ministry products of Apostle Francis Dwomoh at discount prices. You will also enjoy the prayer covering of Apostle Francis Dwomoh as a Financial Partner. You will also enjoy the blessings of receiving special gifts from Apostle Francis Dwomoh for supporting the Ministry. To become a Financial Partner, please….