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Preaching Sermons

The Cause of the Problem(Pt-01) 
2.The Cause of the Problem(Pt-02) 
3.The Subject of Curses(Pt-01) 
4.The Subject of Curses(Pt-02) 
5.Spiritual Marriage 
6.The defeat of Satan 
7.Taking the Promises of God by Force 
8.God's Unfolding Plan for your life (Part I) 
9.God's Unfolding Plan for your life (Part II) 
10.God's Unfolding Plan(Divine visitation part I) 
11.God's Unfolding Plan(Divine visitation part II) 
12.God's Unfolding Plan(Divine Revelation) 
13.God's Unfolding Plan(Divine Assignment) 
14.God's Unfolding Plan(Divine Commission) 
15.God's Unfolding Plan(Divine Preparation) 
16.God's Unfolding Plan(Divine Places) 
17.God's Unfolding Plan(Divine Arrangements) 
18.God's Unfolding Plan(Divine Introduction) 
19.God's Unfolding Plan(Divine Provisions) 
20.Experiencing your Identification with Christ(Part I) 
21.Experiencing your Identification with Christ(Part II) 
22.2 Things that make you Successful in Life 
23.Breaking Away from  your Past 
24.Counting things not yet realized as though they've 
Already Happened